A Work Resumption Protocol with specific guidelines was developed and shared for all departments and employees to be aware of all sanitary norms and safety measures to abide to when resuming work, Protocol was reviewed as and when the Government advised new measures.

  • Measures in Work Resumption Protocol

Awareness on covid-19 
* General information on precautionary measure to be taken
* Signs and Symptoms
* Recommended precautions
* Posters and signs affixed at all work premises

Access to Work Premises
* Temperature check at entrance
* Compulsory wearing of mask  (NO Mask = NO Entry)
* All building entrance and exits points were equipped with No touch hand sanitizer dispensers.
* Provision of Mask to all employees
* Provision of Gloves to all front liners
Workplace Set-up
* Floor Markings for social distancing
* Reviewed all seating arrangements(customer lounge, mess room, meeting room)
* Roster for Lunch breaks to avoid crowding in mess room
* Reviewed the number of visitors and customers in showroom at one time
* One way flow of customers and employees 
* Seize customer’s shuttle service
* Capture of all customer’s basic details for contact tracing purposes.
* Special provision in case of suspected covid-19 case within the workplace

General Work place Disinfection prior to smooth resumption

- All Touch Points, work stations and floor surfaces were disinfected with alcohol based surface cleaner.

No Touch Hand Sanitizer dispensers and Temperature Check for Customer

- Sanitizer Dispenser at all Entrance and Exit Points
- Temperature Monitoring for all employees and customers


Social Distancing 

- 1.5 Meters social distancing  floor demarcations.
- Lunch/Meal Break roster in place to avoid gathering in mess
- SOP’s in place to facilitate communication and avoid face to face meeting 

Employee’s Personal Protective Equipment 


Front liners
Sales, Parts, GRO, Cr, Finance & service
Admin Staff Workshop employee Store
Wash bay
Masks  Masks  Masks  Masks  Masks 
Disposable gloves   Disposable gloves Disposable gloves Disposable gloves
Sanitizers Sanitizers Sanitizers Sanitizers Sanitizers
Disinfectant wipes Disinfectant wipes Disinfectant wipes Disinfectant wipes Disinfectant wipes


The ILO marks the 28th April 2020 as the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Currently, concern is growing over the continuing rise in COVID-19 infections in some parts of the world and the ability to sustain declining rates in others.
Beyond the immediate crisis, there are also concerns about resuming business activity in a manner that sustains progress made in suppressing the transmission.

A challenge such as that posed by the COVID-19 pandemic can only be overcome collectively through a global and coordinated response that sees strong social dialogue and cooperation among all individuals at all levels. Many aspects need to come together to mitigate the impact of this health crisis on the world of work, and Occupational Safety and Health remains a key investment case to protect workers’ health and ensure business continuity.

"Safe and Healthy working conditions are fundamental to decent work”.

This is even more significant today, as ensuring safety and health at work is indispensable in the management of the pandemic and the ability to resume work.

Therefore, my appeal to everyone would be focused towards a thorough compliance to the Safety and Health measures.
It is only by implementing occupational safety and health measures that we can protect the lives of workers, their families and the larger communities, ensure work continuity and economic survival.
How we protect ourselves will dictate how safe our communities are, and how resilient our businesses will be, as this pandemic evolves.