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Toyota Trade In

Is it time for an upgrade? We make it easy to trade in your old HILUX. We have the resources to determine the value of your trade-in. Knowing how much your old vehicle is worth is a great place to start.

Once you’re ready to take the next step simply fill in the form below and our experts will contact you to conduct a professional appraisal of the condition of your vehicle and assist you in choosing your All new Toyota.

Hilux GD

starting at

Rs 1,290,000

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Terms and Conditions applied

Terms and conditions:

All offers of trade-in or procurement are subject to a full on-site appraisal and vehicle history check.

This offer is no way a fixed-value or guaranteed trade-in offer. Toyota (Mauritius) Ltd in no way guarantee procurement and reserve the right to reject procurement or trade in if vehicle is considered, excessively worn, damaged, unsafe, modified, with outstanding securities on vehicle, flood or fire effected, or in a condition we consider otherwise unattractive to us. All Trade-in or intent to purchase quotations are time bound and we undertake to express this clearly to all parties, we reserve the right to re-appraise the vehicle if vehicle condition has altered in any way within this period.

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