The Corporate Social Responsibility policy of Toyota (Mauritius) Ltd harmoniously combines the business philosophy of Toyota Entities and the national campaign of the Government of Mauritius in the fight against poverty and exclusion.

The Company continuously support s NGOs involved in the promotion of sports, education, health, environment, children development and welfare of elderly people. As a responsible organization, Toyota (Mauritius) Ltd contributes wisely and humbly to the well being of all our citizens and in making Mauritius a better place for living;

Toyota ( Mauritius ) Ltd believes that a responsible organisation is one which achieves commercial success, while honouring ethical values, that is, showing respect to people, communities and the natural environment.

  • Association Pour la Promotion de la Santé (APSA)
  • Sponsor a Child
  • Fondation pour l'Enfance, Terre de Paix
  • Mauritian Wildlife Society
  • Prevention Information et Lutte contre le Sida (PILS)
  • ELLES C NOUS Association
  • Diabetes Safeguard
  • Emmanuel Anquetil Government School
  • Halley Movement